Our mission is to help you identify opportunities to improve the customer experience by helping you understand the challenges affecting your business.

With expertise in Consumer & Shopper Insights, Customer Experience, Consulting and Insight-Based Solutions, our research methods are tailored to our clients’ needs in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Chestnut prides itself on taking the research to the next level.  Many research companies provide cumbersome ‘traditional’ reports that team members struggle to interpret and make actionable.

Chestnut’s reports are designed for the end-user.  The data and insights are clear, comprehensive and insightful and are presented with action-ability in mind.  The results are tangible and provide solutions teams can quickly achieve.

Chestnut offers an affordable, high-end product executed by senior experts who add value by staying with the team throughout the decision-making and execution phases.

Chestnut excels at aligning key stakeholders.  We listen to all the needs of the team, including the underlying motivations. We provide options and use new and innovative techniques for each unique challenge.